About Us

About ExamGuide.LK Our main purpose is to provide our valued students with quality education in the fields of ICT, IELTS and PTE in particular. The lecturers in our team are well qualified and they have a wide array of experience in the respective fields. This would help them to improve their knowledge to the students who are interests in these areas of education. We have decided to start online education at a time our travelling severely has been restricted due to the invasion of COVID-19. Everybody is well aware the roles the fields of ICT, IELTS and PTE play in achieving higher education and migrating to other countries. The customized courses we after definitely help you to materialize your dreams the “Exam Guide Publication”. In addition, the aim of the Exam Guide Publications is to publish quality books for the educational needs of the student population in our country.


To help the students to expand their horizons of knowledge through online education.


Our vision is to crate s better and safe learning environment by providing the students with high standard learning materials.

Our Teachers

Our team consists of highly qualified school teachers & lecturers with in depth exposure to the relevant subjects.

Indika Jayasinghe
Wimal Wessinarachchi